Background information
Films: Open Season
Open Season 2
Open Season 3
Open Season: Scared Silly
Species: Deer
Shorts: None
Games: Open Season: The Game
Open Season 2: The Game
Open Season 3: The Game
Voice: Jane Krakowski (Open Season, Open Season 2)
Melissa Sturm (Open Season 3, Open Season: Scared Silly)
Kari Wahlgren (Open Season: The Game)
Other information
Gender: Female
Alias: Mom (given by Gisela and Giselita)
Mother (by Elvis)
Friends: Elliot (husband)
Gisela (daughter)
Giselita (daughter)
Elvis (son)
Boog (brother-in-law)
Ursa (sister-in-law)
Mr. Weenie
Ian (brother-in-law)
Quote: "Really? I heard you got hit by a truck."
Fate: Protects the Timberline National Forest from the hunters with the other wilds and becomes Elliot's girlfriend (Open Season)
Marries Elliot (Open Season 2)
Goes on a trip with the other girls (Open Season 3)
Helps Boog overcome his fear of the Wailing Wampus Werewolf (Open Season: Scared Silly)

―Giselle to Elliot after the hunters run away from the forest.[src]

Giselle is the secondary tritagonist of the Open Season franchise and the tritagonist of Open Season 2 and Open Season: Scared Silly. She is Elliot's wife, Gisela, Giselita, and Elvis' mother, Boog and Ian's sister-in-law, and Ursa's adoptive sister.



Not much is known about her early life other than she is a part of Ian's herd. She has always had a crush on Elliot, which is the reason for Ian kicking Elliot out. For this, Giselle has had resentment for Ian.

In Open Season

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In Open Season 2

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In Open Season 3

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In Open Season: Scared Silly

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Giselle is quick-witted, perspicacious, level-headed, bold, intelligent, and charming and is always kind, caring, giving, generous, charismatic, and thoughtful. She is the prettiest deer everyone has seen before.

Giselle takes rules very serious, unlike Elliot.

Sometimes, she can be strict, impatient, obstreperous, irritable, aggravated, and angry with Elliot if he does something bad; even so, they are always perfectly in love and protect their family.

Giselle can also be a bit stubborn at times.


Giselle is a doe. She has blue eyes.


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  • Giselle loves flowers (especially the purple ones), as revealed in the video game.
  • She appears to be well-trained in the martial arts (as revealed in the first film, when Giselle kicked one of the hunters in the face with a karate yell, making his teeth fall out, allowing Serge to put them on, chase the hunter, and bite him with his teeth, causing him to fall).
  • Giselle has a heart-shaped butt.
  • In Open Season 3, Jane Krakowski was rumored to reprise her role as Giselle, but Melissa Sturm was chosen and replaced Krakowski.