Open Season: The Game is an action-adventure video game, based on the first film of the same name.

While some of the actors reprised their roles, most did not and were replaced by different substitutes.[citation needed]


Boog can do many actions (such as throwing a skunk into a hunter's home's chimney to scare him away or look for berries for heal Boog with his smell).

Many skills can be upgraded to the third level.

The player can also think what to do with the hunter: Sneak up on him and scare him by roaring at him (or running into him) or pick him up and then throw him.

In the game, the player must do a lot of missions from the forest animals, and when you do max tasks from that animal, they become your buddies.

When the player beats the game, the player can play in mini-games, that he / she unlocked in single mode or multi-player mode.

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